Benefits of Exercise for Aging and Fall Prevention (VIDEO)

by Aug 14, 2023Exercises, Videos

This video focuses on the advantages of exercising for older people. Regular exercise can help prevent falls and injuries, and improve overall health.

If you found this video, you likely would benefit from attending either our Fall Prevention Class or our Osteoarthritis Class!


If you’re an older individual looking to improve your strength and balance, the Fall Prevention class is a great option to consider. The classes are currently scheduled for Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Joining the Osteoarthritis class can be a more affordable and efficient option compared to frequent healthcare visits or undergoing knee/hip replacements. Several clinical guidelines suggest exercise as the primary treatment for Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis. Once you complete an initial assessment with a physiotherapist at Westcoast SCI, you can take part in the Thursday evening sessions for just $30.


Learn more about our two specialty classes down below!