Zoom Workouts

To help our Westcoast SCI community maintain an exercise routine during the COVID-19 crisis, we decided to host 30 min. workouts via Zoom three times a week. Below, you will find recordings of those workouts so you can workout with us again in real time. They are catered to all fitness levels!

Basic Body Weight Exercises: Burpees, Squats, Single Leg Deadlifts (32 min.)

Sumo Squat Progressions, Split Squat Progressions, Bear Crawl Progressions (33 min.)

Chair Exercises: Lunges, Squats, Hip Hinge, Bridges (38 min.)

HIIT Workout (29 min.)

Chair + Floor Cardio, Lunges and Quad Strengthening (35 min.)

Full Body Exercises (34 min.)

High Intensity Chair Exercises (38 min.)

Lower Body & Core Exercises (31 min.)

Legs & Core Exercises (36 min.)

Low Impact Isometric Exercises (30 min.)

Lower Body Exercises (32 min.)

Abs & Arms Exercise (26 min.)

Body Weight Exercises: Lunges, Planks, Superman, Bridges (32 min.)

Push Up Progressions, Lunge Progressions, Dip Progressions (32 min.)

Squats, Bridge, Mountain Climbers, Lunge, Dead Bugs & Plank (36 min.)

Push Up & Lunge Variations (33 min.)

Full Body Circuit Mat Exercises (27 min.)

Bodyweight Exercises: Quads, Core, Lower & Upper Back (32 min.)

Arms and Abs Exercise (33 min.)

Lower Body Hamstring Exercises (36 min.)

Upper Body Exercises (32 min.)

Core & Legs Exercises (31 min.)

High Intensity Progressions Exercise (33 min.)

Upper Body, Abs & Arms Exercise (28 min.)