One-on-one assessment with our Registered Kinesiologists and individualized programming to target and address your specific health and fitness goals.

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What is General Health and Fitness Education?

Many people are either intimidated or just not quite sure what to do when it comes to addressing and attaining our health or fitness specific goals.

The reality is there is a lot of information out there and plenty of platforms to find and access workout plans and exercises. However, the challenge is figuring out what is best or most effective for addressing what you are looking for.

A one-on-one assessment followed by specific and individualized programming to target and address your specific goals and concerns is a very effective step on your pathway to learn what to do and what kind of exercises and fitness plans will work best for you.

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What are the benefits of general health and fitness education?

Education can be a powerful tool for those who are looking to learn about their bodies. Understanding the types of exercises or movements and the general process of exercise can help achieve goals or address health concerns.

The WHAT, HOW, and WHY of health and fitness education.
It’s relatively easy to describe “WHAT” the issue is or “WHAT” you are looking to address. It’s generally not too challenging to find out “HOW” to address the issue or goal you have.

However, ultimately getting to the “WHY” you are doing a specific exercise or “WHY” one program or plan will be more effective to address your concern is something that will likely empower you and give you more of an investment into your exercise program and health planning. The WHY is something that’s harder to get from many platforms available out there, but our team of practitioners are equipped with the education and passion to assist you with a better understanding of the health or fitness program and pathway you are working on.

Who is this program for?

Ultimately, anyone who is looking to address a health or general fitness goal can benefit from this program.

Even if you already have some information or general planning in place, our team of practitioners are here to help progress your goals efficiently and safely. We have the expertise to help you reach goals well beyond what most people believe is possible.

This type of program is most likely to succeed with an individual who is committed to working with our team to achieve a fitness or health goal. The individual must also understand that the process to achieve these goals doesn’t stop outside of the sessions where you are working with our team of practitioners. The more you create time for yourself with our team and independently, the better the outcome is likely to be and the faster you will likely reach your goals.

What does a session look like?

Your sessions are likely to begin with a discussion around your goals and current levels of fitness/health. After the initial discussion, you and your team of practitioners will look to follow up with a functional assessment of where you’re at and what a baseline for your goals might be.

From there, a targeted and specific exercise plan can be tailored to your needs.
One-on-one education and instruction to guide you through a program will be at the heart of your sessions and will be a foundation to set you in the right direction for continued progress, while working with the team as well as independently outside of sessions.

Continued follow up and re-assessment of functional, and fitness levels will occur regularly, not to mention regular review of goals to assess progress and success of your efforts.

Our Kinesiologists

Our kinesiologists can provide expert assistance in optimizing physical performance, injury prevention, and rehabilitation through evidence-based movement analysis and specialized exercise programs. They are skilled in assessing movement patterns, identifying imbalances, and tailoring personalized strategies to enhance overall functional fitness and well-being.

Kristen McLaren Kinesiologist Personal Trainer in Port Coquitlam

Kristen McLaren

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Logan Wong

Registered Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer