3 TRX/Suspension Trainer Exercises for any Fitness Level

by Nov 9, 2020Exercises

Why is TRX Suspension Training unique?

Including TRX Suspension Trainers changes exercise into a challenge for your core. Gravity and bodyweight are used as a resistance to build strength, balance and coordination. There are benefits to using total body resistance exercises for all fitness levels because of the simplicity of adjusting your body position. You’re in control to challenge yourself on each exercise!

Here are 3 TRX/Suspension Trainer exercises for any fitness level! For a more detailed explanation of each exercise, check out our YouTube video here or below!


Bicep Curls

  • While holding on to the handles, lean back so that you’re taking your body weight with your arms.
  • Remember, the more horizontal to the ground your body is, the more difficult you’re making the exercise
  • Engage your core to keep your body straight. Your body should be in a straight line from your head to your heels
  • Perform the bicep curl by focusing on bending your elbows so that you’re bringing your hands towards your face. Remember that it’s not a row, so there should be little to no movement happening at your shoulders.
  • Slowly, return to the start position
    For some variation, you can switch your hand position between palms facing you and palms facing AWAY from you. Palms away emphasizes more forearm involvement.

Push Outs

This is a pretty difficult exercise, so if you’ve never done them before, I’d suggest you start in a relatively upright position.

  • Start while holding the handles in front of your shoulders (like you’re about to perform a push up) with your elbows straight (a slight bend in the elbow is recommended). Your knees should be slightly bent as well
  • Engage your core
  • From your shoulders, slowly start raising your arms overhead. Your arms should be relatively straight and the elbows DO NOT bend throughout the movement.
  • The “higher” you can get your arms, the more difficult the exercise. The goal is to try to raise your arms completely overhead.
    • The starting angle will also determine the difficulty of this exercise. The more horizontal your body is to the floor (starting position), the more difficult the exercise will be.
  • Slowly bring your arms back to the starting position

Single Arm Rotational Row

I like to hold both handles with 1 hand, but you could just hold 1 handle if that’s easier for you.

  • Lean back so that you’re taking all the weight with that arm. Again, the more horizontal you are, the more difficult. With this exercise, you don’t want to be completely horizontal.
  • Engage your core
  • Rotate your body, guiding yourself with your “loose hand”. Keep your eyes on your moving hand to allow your neck to rotate as well. Stop when your hand is “pointing” towards the ground.
  • Rotate your hand back towards the starting position (again, your eyes follow the movement of the hand).
  • As you are about to reach the TRX, perform a row. I like to think about trying to reach up as high as possible on the “rope”.
  • The movement must be slow and controlled and avoid using momentum.
Check out the video below for a more detailed explanation of each exercise as well as some useful tips!