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MPower Lives is a company focused on health and wellness strategies, mindfulness, social emotional learning and leadership development. Michelle Tremblay, the founder of MPower Lives, is a Bully Prevention Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Health & Wellness MPowerment Coach and a Certified 2nd Degree Black Belt with 18 years of karate training! As fellow Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce members, we got the opportunity to meet with Michelle to learn more about her and MPower Lives and introduce her to the StrongBoard, since we have the first certified instructor on StrongBoard Balance in Canada here at Westcoast SCI.

This week’s feature is about MPower Lives’ mission and what they do for individuals, organizations and companies through education of confidence, value and responsibility.

Michelle from MPower Lives
Michelle from MPower Lives
Michelle from MPower Lives

MPower Lives’ Mission

To focus on shifting the ‘bullying culture’ through educating and inspiring children, youth, adults and seniors to feel confident, valued and responsible in our world today.

What They Do

MPower Lives focuses on key solutions to prevent ‘bullying’ and promote health and physical wellness through ‘mpowering’ each individual to have personal awareness and responsibility, mental health and wellness strategies, relationship building skills, self-management tools, safety strategies and social awareness responsibility.

They offer group & one-on-one coaching, leadership programs, health and wellness sessions, children and women’s self defense workshops and seniors classes to build up individuals, organizations and companies through ‘mpowerment,’ safety and connection.

Valuing respect, honesty, kindness, compassion, trust, and safety, they strive to educate and collaborate, giving their clients the tools, skills, motivation and support for lasting change in their personal, professional, organization and community environments. They want to become positive role models, shifting the paradigm of ‘bully culture’ to a place of true ‘mpowerment’.

Learn more about Michelle and MPower Lives at

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