Face to Face and Tele-Rehabilitation Physiotherapy in Vancouver

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Why should I come to Westcoast SCI Physiotherapy (physical therapy) over other clinics?

Westcoast SCI has been serving Vancouver and Port Coquitlam from our two physiotherapy clinics for over 10 years. During this time, we have been offering our physiotherapy clinic (Vancouver) services to a wide range of clients, including North Vancouver physiotherapy clients. 

Our humble beginnings have taught us that we need to constantly evolve our assessment and treatment approach and stay on top of the latest information available. 

Our entire staff (no exceptions) is a team of extremely knowledgeable registered physiotherapists and registered kinesiologists that are, above all, evidence-informed. This means we hold ourselves accountable in keeping up with current research to help guide your assessments and treatments (including ergonomics assessments, concussion management, vertigo, and running assessments) and ensure you are receiving the best-known treatment available to science.

We are experts at the fundamentals, and we lean on each other for support and growth.


Did you know that we offer a year-long formal weekly mentorship for all of our new graduate therapists? Further, our clinical educators offer clinic-wide in-services, journal club, and case study reviews twice a month to stay above the curve in our continuing education. We find purpose in being the best therapists we can be, and we have the proper support systems in place to ensure this continues. 

We employ highly trained therapists that have undertaken education not provided in an entry-level Masters of Physical Therapy program. You might have seen these physiotherapists referred to as “specialists” at other clinics in Port Coquitlam or Vancouver. 

Our team’s ability to assess and treat these “specialist” conditions such as vertigo, vestibular, concussion, and pelvic floor health issues is NOT taught in physiotherapy school. 

Although we have varying levels of personal interest and experience, we are all competent in screening and referring you to the best person on our team (or outside, if necessary!) to guide your rehabilitation needs. This is on top of being Registered with the BC Physiotherapy Association and College of Physiotherapists of BC. Regardless of what brings you in the door, you will receive the same high-quality standards of care at the same price, with the most appropriate physiotherapist for you.

While it’s standard for Westcoast SCI, we’re often reminded by our clients that the one-on-one time we spend with you for the entire duration of your session is not common at other physiotherapist clinics or sports clinics. We don’t run between rooms, seeing multiple patients at a time while a TENS machine, athletic tape, or heat pad that you could use at home, is passively delivered. 

We listen to you. Your visit to our physiotherapy and sports clinics in British Columbia’s Vancouver or Port Coquitlam clinic will be managed in a holistic manner — your home life and all your other activities. Your assessment and treatments include all parts of your life that can impact your recovery. 

We work with you to find a treatment plan that works only for you. Physiotherapy is not the time for a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We strongly believe in patient education, functional movement, and supporting self-efficacy. 

In addition, we design your treatment plan based on what you need to meet your goals. We don’t overtreat (our goal is to get you back doing the things you love). We tell the truth about what you should expect in conditions that take longer to recover against those situations where you will get better on your own with time and reassurance. Patient education is a cornerstone of what we do.

Frequently Asked Vancouver Physiotherapy Questions

Why should I come to Westcoast SCI Physiotherapy over massage therapy, chiropractors, traditional Chinese medicine, etc.?

Although there are many other allied medical health professionals like registered massage therapists who have a place in your overall well being, Westcoast SCI’s Registered Physiotherapists all hold at least a bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Physical Therapy. We have all passed the Canadian National Exam to be able to practice physiotherapy in Vancouver, Canada. Many of the therapists are also members of the Physiotherapy Association of BC and are clinical instructors at the University of British Columbia.

Is Registered Physiotherapy covered by extended health insurance?

Yes, Physiotherapy services are covered by your extended medical health insurance benefits. We always recommend that you check with your extended health provider to confirm: 

  1. If they require a doctor’s referral 
  2. If they cover virtual physio care (if you plan to come for telerehabilitation services)
  3. How much your total coverage is for physiotherapy services (per year and per session)
Does Westcoast SCI Physiotherapy direct bill?

Yes, we prefer to direct bill your insurance company (as long as they allow direct billing). Please visit our Rates page for a list of our healthcare providers. Please note that every extended health insurance plan is different as some individual plans may not accept our directly billed claims. With this in mind, please confirm beforehand with your provider to ensure you are eligible for this service.

Do you offer online booking or do I have to call to book an appointment?

Yes, aside from in-clinic appointments, you can request an appointment or schedule an online booking (telehealth or virtual physiotherapy) — available here. However, if you would prefer to speak with our Patient Experience Specialists to request an appointment or have a specific question about how we can help you, we would love to hear from you. 

Please call our office:

Vancouver, BC: (604) 445-7811
Port Coquitlam, BC: (604) 500-7811

What is virtual care and do you offer it?

Virtual care (also known as tele-rehabilitation and online physiotherapy) is receiving your physiotherapy treatments over the internet via secure video-conferencing software (we use JaneApp). 

This online physiotherapy is a great alternative to in-clinic appointments to receive your physiotherapy assessment and treatment. 

Many of our clients prefer being able to receive individualized exercises from the convenience, comfort, and safety of their own homes. Another great thing about virtual care is that your physiotherapist in Vancouver can see the physical environment in which you perform your exercise prescriptions and can make adjustments accordingly no matter where you live.

What conditions can a physiotherapist help me with through virtual online physiotherapy (Vancouver or Port Coquitlam)?

Our clients that have received our telerehabilitation services can attest that there is a wide range of conditions and activities that you can do to muscles or other soft tissues that your physiotherapist can help you with, virtually. 

 Here are some examples:

Is virtual sports online physiotherapy covered by my extended health care insurance?

Yes, most extended health care insurance claims now cover virtual online physiotherapy. However, we always recommend that you check with your insurance provider before your first visit.

Can I meet the team before making an online appointment?

Of course! Please click here to view the profiles of our amazing team of Registered Physiotherapists and Registered Kinesiologists.

Can I speak to someone about my situation before booking an appointment?

Absolutely! You’ve got 2 great options:

1. Please feel free to call one of our Patient Experience Specialists to chat over the phone.

Vancouver BC: (604) 445-7811
Port Coquitlam BC: (604) 500-7811

2. We offer a FREE 30-minute consultation with a Registered Kinesiologist where we can get a better understanding of your history and goals. If time allows, we may also screen your functional movements. Equipped with this information, we will be able to direct you towards the best physiotherapy treatment (or kinesiology treatment) approach.

Does your Vancouver physiotherapy clinic or Port Coquitlam clinic work with people with neurological conditions?

Yes, we do! Our team has extensive experience working and can provide a comprehensive treatment approach to your unique situation. Some examples of neurological conditions that we have helped in the past include: 

  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • MS (multiple sclerosis)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Head injuries/concussion
  • Headaches
What are our Covid19 protocols?

Please follow this link to view our COVID-19 protocols and Safety Plan. We have also created a video that shows you what to expect when you come for your appointment during COVID19.