Our multidisciplinary team can assist those who are experiencing long term effects of COVID-19 to slowly increase their activity and help them return to normal function.

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Give us a call or book an in-person Physiotherapy Initial Assessment at one of the locations below, and write “COVID-19 Recovery Program” as the ‘reason for your visit’ in the intake form.

kinesiologist guiding exercise for covid 19 recovery program

About the COVID-19 Recovery Program

COVID-19 has made a large impact on all of our lives. We are now seeing that people may experience post-COVID conditions (also known as Long COVID and “long haulers”) weeks or even months after contracting the disease. These symptoms can include extreme fatigue and breathlessness upon returning to daily activities and exercise. This is why Westcoast SCI Physiotherapy will now be offering a COVID-19 recovery program.

Our current understanding of COVID-19 shows that the disease latches onto the ACE2 receptors that exist all over the body. This means the disease can affect many systems across the body. Another major concern with COVID-19 is the possibility of systemic inflammatory response, also known as a cytokine storm. This means that our immune system is working in overdrive which can negatively impact our whole body including the respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, nervous and immune systems.

A combination of the physiological impact of COVID-19 with the prolonged rest period for those infected can impact breathing, strength, mobility and mental health. This means that for some people, returning to activity after recovery can be quite difficult. In fact, increasing levels of activity too quickly can actually cause significant harm to the body. This can include heart and lung problems such as myocarditis, pulmonary embolism, fibrosis or pleural effusion.

The program will include:

  • an individualized graded exercise program that will address your specific situation, symptoms and goals for those managing symptoms of long COVID-19
  • education to each patient on management strategies
  • specific measure tracking to allow safe and slow build up of activity tolerance, and the tools to manage on your own
  • a health care touch point that can help direct you to other services you may require, screening for more serious concerns

Who is the COVID-19 Recovery Program for?

This program is for those who are no longer testing positive for COVID-19 but have not been able to return to their activities of daily living or physical activity and exercise. This can be anything from cooking, cleaning or groceries to running or playing sports.

To come in you must:

  • have been symptom free for 7 days AND
  • have surpassed 10 days since the onset of symptoms

Note: If you are still experiencing serious persistent symptoms including cough, chest pain, fainting, or nearly fainting please consult your doctor or contact your local COVID-19 clinic for further medical investigations.

What does a session look like?

Each person attending our COVID-19 recovery program will be assessed on their current medical and physical status. They will be given educational resources to help aid in their recovery and manage their symptoms. Each person will also be given a personalized exercise program that is tailor made for the individual’s situation.

What are common post COVID-19 symptoms?

This program is for those who are experiencing common post COVID-19 symptoms (also known as persistent COVID-19 symptoms, long-haul COVID-19 symptoms and long COVID):

  • fatigue
  • depression
  • migraine
  • disordered breathing pattern
  • brain fog
  • palpitations
  • anxiety
  • post exercise malaise
  • autonomic dysfunction

Can long covid symptoms come and go?

The symptoms of long COVID may come and go. This however, really depends on the symptoms, the stage of recovery and how equipped you are to handle your symptoms. Working with our team at Westcoast SCI can be a great way to best understand how you can manage the symptoms of your recovery.

How do you recover from common post COVID-19 symptoms?

Gradually increasing exercise helps to improve strength, cardiovascular endurance and mental health. This can aid in returning to activities in your day to day life or getting back to your preferred sport. Using current evidence, our multidisciplinary team can assist people who are experiencing long term effects of the disease to slowly increase their activity and help them in their return to normal function.

For the best chance to fully recover from long COVID, seek help from a professional who knows the strategies to overcome your symptoms. If you’d like more information, please contact us for a no-obligation 15 min video conference to learn how we can help you recover from long COVID today.

Unfortunately, everyone’s road to recovery will vary and although the majority of people will reach full recovery, some people may have lingering symptoms for an uncertain period of time, even with intervention.

Attention: As of October 31, 2022 our Vancouver location will be located at 1762 W. 8th Ave

Note: Our Port Coquitlam location has moved to: #111-2331 Marpole Ave.