Our physiotherapists will conduct a subjective assessment as well as objective tests of different domains before the start of your sporting season to be compared to after a concussion has been sustained.

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What is Baseline Concussion Testing?

Baseline testing is an important component in concussion assessment and management. It involves learning about and understanding an individual’s symptoms, past medical history and any previous injuries. You will also complete objective tests that cover different areas such as balance, vision and neck assessment prior to sustaining a concussion or before the start of a new sporting season.

What are the benefits of a baseline concussion test?

This information can then be used to compare your recovery to your pre-injury state after sustaining a concussion. This gives you a target to aim for that is individual to you, so you know you are recovered.

Why Should Sports Teams or Athletes Get a Baseline Concussion Test?

Guidelines for returning to play after sustaining a concussion necessitate a step by step approach. This involves subjective and objective testing that looks at the criteria assessed in the baseline testing.

By having a comparison of pre-injury symptoms and physical function a more educated and individualistic return to play can be obtained.

Certain sports such as football, rugby, hockey and soccer are considered to have a higher rate of concussion occurrences and in particular younger athletes are more likely at risk.

What’s the commitment if I decide to get myself or my team a Baseline Concussion Test?

A baseline test does not sign you up to any commitment. You may not suffer a concussion during the season. Therefore no further sessions may be needed. However, if you do sustain a concussion you will likely need several appointments to help assist with a return to your baseline scores and a safe return to your sport. This is completely individual and a rough number of sessions or length of time is difficult to predict.

How long does it take to get a Baseline Concussion Test?

It takes 45 minutes.

How much does it cost to get a Baseline Concussion test?

$90 for an individual, $47/person for groups of 12 or more.

Where does the Baseline Concussion Test take place?

Either at our clinic at Westcoast SCI or at a team training environment such as a school gym/sports hall.

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Baseline Concussion Testing Physiotherapists

Jack Liney Physiotherapist at Westcoast SCI Port Coquitlam

Jack Liney

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