Natasha Lohues Pelvic Health Physio

Natasha Lohues, Registered Physiotherapist

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist
Individualized Running Program – Running Analysis, Gait Analysis
ICBC & WorkSafeBC

Monday, Thursday: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm (Port Coquitlam)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Port Coquitlam)

Master of Physical Therapy (MScPT) – University of Toronto
BSc Exercise Science – University of Lethbridge

College of Physiotherapy Number

Level 1: The Physical Therapy Approach to Female and Male Urinary Incontinence (Pelvic Health Solutions)
Level 2/3A: Female & Male Pelvic Pain (Pelvic Health Solutions)
Orthopedic Manual Therapy Level 1
Sports Physical Therapy First Responder & CPR- BLS
Private Paediatric Physiotherapy Course (0-6 months)

Natasha is excited to be returning to western Canada after completing her Master’s in Toronto. She has experience working with a wide range of populations from pediatrics, geriatrics, and athletes (both in-clinic and on-field). Her goal is to help clients to reach their full potential with a holistic, evidence-based and individualized approach to care. Natasha’s treatment style integrates exercise, education and manual therapy to help her clients reach their goals. She has a passion for women’s health and has taken her Level 1 and 2/3 Pelvic Health certification allowing her to work with men and women experiencing urinary incontinence.

In her spare time you can find usually find Natasha either hiking, drawing, playing guitar, or in the gym.


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Back injury therapy Joint injuries therapy Post-operative care
Back pain therapy Kinesio taping Post-surgical rehabilitation
Biomechanical evaluation Loss of balance therapy Pre-surgical rehabilitation
Carpal tunnel treatment Manual therapy Pregnancy-related ailments therapy
Chronic pain therapy Motor skills related problems therapy Rehabilitation exercise
Concussion management Muscle injuries therapy Running evaluation
Falls prevention program Osteoarthritis therapy Shoulder care
Functional rehabilitation Pain management Sport injury physiotherapy treatment
Gait analysis and training Perineal and pelvic rehabilitation Sport physiotherapy consultation
General reconditioning Peripheral nerve injury therapy Stress management counseling
Genital pain therapy Personalized exercise program Tendinitis treatment
Global postural rehabilitation Physical evaluation Therapy excluding manipulation
Incontinence therapy Post COVID-19 rehabilitation and recovery Virtual physiotherapy consultation

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, you can either find me at the gym or going on hikes with my dog. I also like kickboxing, drawing and playing guitar.

What kind of physiotherapy do you do?

I mainly work in general orthopaedics, meaning that I work with people who have muscle or joint injuries, but I have also taken extra courses to work with people who have experienced concussions. And in addition to that, I’m a pelvic health specialist. So I work with both women and men who are having issues with continence, pelvic pain, or pre or postnatal care concerns.

Why physiotherapy?

I chose physiotherapy because I loved being able to develop the relationships that you get to develop, with clients as they progress through their rehab journey, to be able to get them back to their hobbies, their goals, however big or small those may be. But to kind of be with them every single step of the way through that process is really rewarding. And that was one of the big reasons why I wanted to become a physiotherapist.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a new patient?

I think the biggest piece of advice that I would give to a new patient would be that we always hope that the road to recovery looks like this, but most of the time it’s going to be a little bumpy along the way. So trust the process. Keep moving and we’ll make sure that we get you to where you want to be.

What do you like about Westcoast SCI?

I really love our team here at Westcoast SCI. It’s awesome to work with all the different physios, kins and reception staff that we have at the clinic. I think that our one-on-one time that we spend with patients and having slightly longer appointment times is really awesome. And it really helps us to get the best results for everybody who’s coming to seek our services and above all, it’s just a really fun place to work.