Personal Training with Client

How does Personal Training work?

Whether you want to begin exercise for the first time, lose weight, reach a new fitness goal or prepare for your sport or competition, we can help. Your program is designed by our personal trainers to meet your individual goals.

Each session is always one-on-one with your trainer and held in our studio gym space. Our goal is always to teach you proper form and technique to create functional movement patterns that you can carry into your sport and life. Each of our trainers have a background in injury prevention and posture, and can help you tailor your sessions if improving your posture, or managing or preventing an injury is your goal. 

Why invest in Personal Training?

New to Exercise

Starting exercising for the first time can be intimidating. Working with our personal trainers will help you learn proper exercise progressions, and educate you so that you can start exercising on your own.


After repeating the same exercises for a continued period of time, we plateau and stop seeing results. Our personal trainers have an endless repertoire of exercises and will always be able to challenge you to help you continue to see results and reach your goals.

Sport Specific Training

Our trainers can design an individualized program to help you train for your sport by challenging the proper muscles groups and creating exercises that mimic sport specific skills to help you improve your performance and prevent injury.

Quality Exercise

Quality of exercise is always more important than quantity. Proper technique will target the proper muscles and create more a more efficient workout for your time.