ICBC Active Rehab Appointment

What is Active Rehab?

Our Kinesiologists and Physiotherapists are registered treatment providers with ICBC. After a motor vehicle accident, our team of our clinicians will design an individualized exercise program to get you moving again safely and with the goal of reducing pain and restoring functional movement.

With each one-on-one session at Westcoast SCI, our clinicians use an active-based approach of treatment to prescribe and teach therapeutic exercise. Our therapists will give you guidance, support, motivation and accountability to help you return to the activities you love and empower you with the knowledge to safely continue exercise on your own.

The goal with active rehab is always to:

  • Correct posture

  • Improve muscular imbalances

  • Reduce soft tissue pain

  • Prevent injury occurrence or re injury

  • Return to work, sport or a lifelong activity

What does a session look like?

Your first appointment will begin with a complete functional movement assessment to assess your range of motion, flexibility, muscle strength and movement patterns. You will then discuss your goals with your clinician.

Your clinician will then create a customized exercise program with you each session to improve your range of motion, flexibility and strength to help correct muscle imbalances or weakness caused by your motor vehicle accident and help you to return to a pain free range of motion. They will help you progress to begin to increase strength to return to your sport, activities and prevent future re injury. 

Our team of therapists will communicate with your lawyers and ICBC to provide progress reports, and treatment extension requests to ensure that you receive the support you need to return to daily activity and sport pain free. 

    What can we help you with?

    • Reduce Pain

    • Increase Mobility and Flexibility

    • Prevent Re-injury

    • Correct Muscular Imbalances

    • Long Term Injury Recovery and Prevention

    How is it covered?

    We have no user fees and direct bill ICBC for you. Our team of therapists will communicate with your lawyers and ICBC to provide progress reports, and treatment extension requests to ensure that you receive the support you need to return to daily activities pain free. 

    Please bring the following to your first appointment:

    • Claim number

    • Doctors referral

    • Adjustors name

    Frequently Asked ICBC Active Rehab Questions

    What is an active rehabilitation program?

    An active rehabilitation program starts with an initial assessment. This can be done by a registered physiotherapist or a registered kinesiologist. In order to help you make the decision on which practitioner to choose, please book an appointment with us for a FREE 30 minute consultation with our registered kinesiologists. They will help you specifically address your questions in order to help you choose the best approach based on your needs and ultimate goal. 

    Once you have the right healthcare professionals working with you, we will start by making sure we have a solid understanding of your medical history and the reason you are seeking help whether it be to prevent injury, regain strength after an injury, create a return to work program, reach your health and fitness goals or to get a handle on chronic pain. Ultimately, we want to make sure we cater your active rehab program with your specific goals in mind.

    We will create a treatment plan which will include a customized exercise program, outlining exactly what exercises to perform and how often. We will also walk you through each exercise, repetition by repetition and set by set each step of the way.

    What are the stages of active rehabilitation?

    Active rehabilitation is actually a misnomer. The name implies that you have to have an injury to benefit from an active rehab program. In reality, active rehabilitation programs vary as much as humans do.

    We will get started by creating a custom treatment plan, including exercise programs to address your specific needs. ICBC clients will have their active rehab program covered by their motor vehicle accident insurance. If you’re not coming in with an ICBC claim, please make sure you check with your insurance provider to see if your plan covers active rehab. If you’re unsure, please feel free to contact us.

    What are rehab exercises?

    An active rehab session can look very similar to a regular exercise session. This really depends on your injury recovery (if you’re coming for an injury) or if you’re looking to improve your range of motion or looking to specially address a specific goal, such as returning to work or sport. 


    Typically, rehabilitation exercises will have a goal of recovery and prevention of an injury. This means that we want to make sure you can move with as little to no pain and return to the activities that you love. As your program continues over subsequent visits, your active rehabilitation program could start looking more and more like a “regular exercise session.”

    How often should I do rehab exercises?

    This really depends on the guidance and the treatment plan set forth by your registered kinesiologist. Sometimes your exercises will be performed multiple times a day, whereas others may only be done once or twice a week.

    Are these sessions covered by my insurance?

    We always recommend that you check with your insurance provider to make sure they cover treatment provided by registered kinesiologists. If you have an active ICBC claim, then you will be eligible for ICBC active rehabilitation.

    How do I get started with ICBC Active Rehabilitation?

    ICBC Active Rehab is a service offered free of charge to all clients who have sustained a motor vehicle accident who are covered by ICBC. In order to qualify, you will need an ICBC claim number (contact ICBC for more information and to get your claim set up).

    Once you’ve got your ICBC claim number, and it’s within 12 weeks of the date of your car accident, you will automatically qualify for Active Rehab. Simply give us a call and we’ll book you your first initial appointment. If you’re contacting us after 12 weeks of your initial motor vehicle accident, don’t worry, you will likely still qualify for active rehab sessions. Simply give us a call and our helping staff will help you get started.

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