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What is a Kinesiologist? 

Kinesiology is the study of human movement as it relates to the aging process and disease. Kinesiologists are experts on human movement, exercise prescription and exercise for all populations or individuals with an injury or illness. Kinesiologists must complete at four year bachelor's degree program and be registered with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK). 

What can a Kinesiologist help with? 

Kinesiologists have in depth knowledge on exercise prescription for all special population groups. Their knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology and disease and aging allows them to create safe and effective exercise programs for special populations that might have medical limitations or concerns. Including elderly populations, individuals with diabetes, heart conditions or any other disease that might limit their ability to exercise

If you are recovering from an injury, a kinesiologist can help continue your rehabilitation through an individualized exercise program to increase strength, flexibility and mobility in a safe and effective manner to prevent re injury and continue recovery. 

Kinesiologists can also work with elite athletes looking to optimize performance, individuals who are new to exercise, individuals who are looking to improve posture, prepare for an upcoming surgery or improve general fitness and health. 

What will a session look like? 

In your first session your kinesiologist will discuss your medical history and goals with you. They will then conduct a function movement assessment is evaluate your range of motion, flexibility, muscle strength and movement patterns. Each session will include strengthening and endurance exercises as well as mobility and flexibility to help you achieve your goals. Please bring athletic clothing and water to each session. 

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Injury Prevention 

Posture education and training 

Fitness programming for special populations 

Exercise for beginners 

Preparing for Surgery 

General health and fitness education 

Weight management 

ICBC Active Rehab

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