What is it? 

Whether you are a elite runner or new to running, in our running assessment we will evaluate your gait and running form on a treadmill. The goal of a running assessment is to evaluate your running technique and identify muscular imbalances and area's of your running form that you can correct in order to improve your running performance or prevent injury. 

Your physiotherapist or kinesiologist may also assess your standing posture and your walking gait. They may perform a functional movement screen to assess other movements to identify muscular weakness or limitations in your range of motion. Once area's of weakness have been identified we will create an individualized exercise program. 

How does the program work?

The individualized running program starts with an assessment performed by a physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist will then identify areas of improvement and create an individualized exercise program custom to your needs and goals. We have treatment options depending on your insurance coverage and budget. Follow up exercise session's can either be booked with a physiotherapist or kinesiologist. 

Why is proper running form beneficial? 

NEW RUNNERS: If you beginning to run for the first time, learning proper running form is important to prevent injury from running. Additionally, understanding and addressing your muscular weakness and running form can prevent future injury. 

INCREASING RUNNING DISTANCE: If you are training for a longer running event such as a half marathon or full marathon, ensuring that you have proper form before increase your total running distance each week will help you prevent injury from the high impact of running as well as improve your performance. 

ELITE RUNNERS: A video running gait assessment can help identify small weaknesses in your running form that are hard to see without slow motion video analysis. Improving your running form will help you become a more efficient runner and improve your overall running performance. 

What will an assessment involve?

Initial Session (with Physiotherapist)

  • Treadmill gait analysis

  • video running analysis

  • postural analysis

  • functional movement screen

Subsequent Sessions (with Physiotherapist or Kinesiologist)

  • gym based STRENGTHENING program

  • home exercise program

What will a running assessment do? 

  • Prevent Injury

  • Improve Running Technique

  • Improve Running Efficiency

  • Identify and Correct Muscular Imbalances

Patrick O'Flaherty | Physiotherapist, Running Clinical Educator

Patrick specializes in gait analysis, running technique and running specific injuries. As an avid runner himself, Patrick is our clinical educator for our physiotherapy team to provide the most recent research on running form and technique. 

Contact: patrick@westcoastsci.com


Peter specializes in gait analysis, running technique, running injuries, posture and core control. Peter has a wide range of experiences working with patients in orthopaedics and sports, neurology and pain management. Peter loves being active, when not in the clinic you will find him skiing/snowboarding, hiking, climbing and diving.

Contact: peter@westcoastsci.com


Jayde has extensive experience working with elite athletes all the way to the novice exerciser. She is committed to integrating evidence-based practice into the clinic so she can expertly guide her patients in reaching their goals. Jayde, is currently pursuing her doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia

Contact: jayde@westcoastsci.com


PHYSIOTHERAPY (Extended Medical Benefits or Private Pay)

$130 | Assessment Session

$120 | Subsequent Sessions 


$70 | Subsequent Sessions

$300 | (5 Session Package) 

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