Humans of WestcoastSCI: Geraldine


Meet Geraldine.

By practicing physiotherapy at Westcoast SCI, Geraldine utilizes a branch of medicine where she can teach people how to use their bodies and help themselves recover from injuries through movement rather than prescribing pills or tests.

In her work, Geraldine uses the practice of mindfulness. She believes that mindfulness is the practice of being present with what’s going on in the moment and improving your body awareness. “It’s easy to get caught up in city life and we spend a lot of time thinking and planning, so mindfulness practice can help get us out of our overthinking brain and into our feeling and sensing brain.”

For Geraldine, she sees the overlap between physio and body-based practices like yoga, mindfulness and pilates as the idea of paying attention to the body, learning about the body and listening to the body as well as the cues it gives us to prevent illness and injury.

Athletic training, exercise training, return to work and return to sport training, manual therapy, dry needling and acupuncture are some of the services that Geraldine offers. She also teaches yoga, pilates, dance and mindfulness and meditation based stress reduction.

Geraldine enjoys working at Westcoast SCI because she really likes the team, the admin staff, the other therapists as well as the clients. “Our clients mostly work in healthcare or helping professions and they’re really nice people who are grateful to have someone to teach them how to move and it creates a positive environment.”


In addition to being a physiotherapist, Geraldine is also a yoga therapist and a dancer. In her free time, she enjoys triathlon training, hiking, dancing, music, theatre, permaculture farming and travelling.


Geraldine has had countless success stories at Westcoast SCI, some specific cases that she’s proud of include a MS (multiple sclerosis) client of hers who recently mentioned that they’re finally able to walk around town without stumbling. Another client who had chronic headaches for days at a time for many years is now pretty much headache free. Many people come in to see Geraldine to improve their posture or because they have a specific injury or ailment and it’s rewarding to her when they say that they’re now pain free and feeling energized.

For those who are interested in incorporating fitness and wellness into your lives, Geraldine’s advice is to think about what you enjoy doing; if that’s walking in nature or going out dancing, make sure it’s something that you enjoy and feel excited about. Another thing she suggests is incidental exercise; walking to work, or walking upstairs a few times a day are simple ways to begin including exercise into your everyday life.