What makes Westcoast SCI unique?

Our strength is our personalized physiotherapy service. Our unique difference is the one-on-one time our clients have with our clinicians. Our physiotherapists have extensive on-going education, keeping up to date with the newest research and courses in manual therapy, needling (acupuncture/IMS) and soft tissue work.

When we provide you with exercises, our physiotherapists supervise your entire session face-to-face, guiding you through each and every movement, repetition, and set. You will never be left unattended. Throughout the session, we provide valuable feedback and ensure that you are not learning bad habits that may lead to unwanted injuries or poor results. Our physiotherapists are also available the entire session to answer any and all questions that might arise while you are exercising.

What does SCI stand for?

The "SCI" in Westcoast SCI stands for Smart Choice Investments. We feel that people have a choice. There are many physiotherapy clinics to choose from. Your health is also an investment: in time, money, and energy. It's very difficult to be healthy without making some form of investment. Make the smart choice and come see the difference youself.

What makes Westcoast SCI physiotherapy different from a personal trainer?

First and foremost, physiotherapy in Canada in regulated by the College of Physiotherapy of Canada. We need to hold, at a minimum, a Bachelor Degree (many of us have a Master's Degree) in Science from which we draw our expertise.

Secondly, because your sessions are under a physiotherapist’s supervision, you are able to claim these expenses under your extended health coverage.

Thirdly, all of our physiotherapists are registered under either the College of Physiotherapists of British Columbia. That means we work under the strict mandates set forth by the province of BC. To maintain this status, we all obtain credits in continuing education to maintain our status.

What makes Westcoast SCI kinesiology different from a personal trainer?

All our kinesiologist have completed at minimum a four year undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and additional training. Kinesiologists are members of the British Columbia Assocation of Kinesiologists. Our Kinesiologists are experts on human movement and are trained not only how to improve specific areas of strenght and cardiovascular fitness, they additionally have extensive knowledge on exercise prescription for rehabilitation post injury, reducing pain and increasing mobility and exercise for special population groups, elite athletes.

Personal trainers complete a short certifcation program, and knowledge lies in training for general fitness or weight management.


What physiotherapy services do we offer?

  • One-on-one physiotherapy, we do not leave your side the entire session
  • 45 to 60 minute individualized treatment sessions provided by physiotherapist each and every session
  • Manual Therapy: joint and soft tissue mobilizations/manipulations, stretching, massage, trigger point release
  • Needling: Acupuncture and IMS (dry needling)
  • Electrical Modalities: TENS, IFC, Ultrasound, Heat
  • Therapeutic Exercise: SFMA (Functional Movement Systems), Core Strengthening, Posture Correction, Weightlifting, SAQ (speed, agility & quickness), sport specific training/rehab, return to work/sport/lifestyle
  • Biomechanical Movement Analysis and Treatment
  • Individualized Running Program

  • Educational Presentations
  • For more information on our services, please visit our Service page.

    What is kinesiology?

    Kinesiology at Westcoast SCI is the study of human body movement, structure and function as it relates to aging and human disease processes. Our kinesiologists are human movement specialists.

    What is the difference between physiotherapy and kinesiology?

    Both physiotherapists and kinesiologists at WestcoastSCI can help with acute and chronic injury rehabilitation, ICBC Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation and prescribe exercise to help strengthen and increase mobility in all populations. A physiotherapist is able to perform manual therapy, Interpret Xray/MRI/CT/Ultrasound reports and perform specialized therapy including Dry Needling, Electrotherapy and Stretch Therapy.

    Who should I see, a physiotherapist or kinesiologist?

    Whether you are experiencing an injury, chronic pain or would like to improve your posture or movement our team of physiotherapists and kinesiologists are here to help you achieve your goals. Both our kinesiologists and physiotherapists are experts in human movement. The difference between physiotherapy and kinesiology is that physiotherapists are able to perform passive therapy including manual therapy ( ie. joint and soft tissue mobilizations/manipulations, massage and trigger point release), needling (acupuncture and IMS (dry needling) and electric modalities including TENS, IFC, ultrasound and heat in your treatment program. Both our team of physiotherapists and kinesiologists work together to teach and prescribe therapeutic exercise to help recovery from injury, prevent injury or maintain mobility and an active lifestyle.

    Who can benefit from a kinesiologist?

  • Individuals recovering from a car accident
  • Individuals looking to continue with their rehabilitation post injury
  • Individuals looking to increase strength and mobility pre surgery to improve their recovery outcomes
  • Individuals looking to identify postural limitations and strength imbalances through a functional movement assessment
  • Individuals making the transition back to work or everyday activity after injury
  • Athletes of all ages looking to improve their technique and learn more functional movement patterns to prevent injury and improve performance.
  • What about in home services?

    Our physiotherapists and kinesiologists are able to visit you in home or at your local gym for added convenience and comfort. Additional fees for travel costs and time will apply, please look at our rates page for further information. Contact us for more information and to book an appointment.


    What do I need to do prior to my appointment?

    We do not have a full time receptionist to greet you. Should there not be someone at the front desk to greet you, please come in and have a seat in a armchair or sofa. Your physiotherapist will come greet you at your scheduled appointment time.

    We have an office manager (Joan W.) who works remotely to handle billing and invoicing. With your permission, we’d like to collect your Extended Health Care payment information (amongst other personal information) prior to your initial visit. This will allow us to expedite the billing process and save you the hassle submitting your own invoices to your extended health care plan or paying online via credit card yourself. It will also free up the physiotherapist allowing more focused time and attention on what’s really important: getting to know YOU, the client.

    Rest assured, we keep all communication, personal and billing (credit card) information on a secure server that conforms to the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Please contact us via phone: (604) 500-7811 or email Tanya Gamboa to provide us with your billing information.

    Please have the following information handy when contacting us:

    Extended Health Care Plan details (Group/ID #)
    Credit Card #
    Referring Doctor name and phone number
    ICBC, WorkSafe BC claim or PHN # (if relevant)

    If at any time, you have questions or concerns about billing, invoicing, payments, please contact Tanya Gamboa rather than your physiotherapist. Your time is important and we would rather spend your scheduled appointment time helping you reach your goals, rather than talk about billing/payment issues.

    Thank you for your help in streamlining the process. We look forward to helping you achieve your true potential.

    What clothes should I wear/bring to my appointment?

    We recommend wearing loose fitting clothes or sports/active wear. You should choose clothes that will allow the therapist to easily examine the area that requires evaluation and treatment. For example, for clients who are coming due to problems in the lower extremities, such as knees, or ankles, wearing shorts is advisable.

    Both Westcoast SCI Physiotherapy locations have dressing rooms if you prefer to change at the time of your appointment.

    If you did not have a chance to contact Joan, our office manager prior to your initial assessment, bring the following, where applicable:

  • Care card number
  • Claim number (for ICBC/WCB claims)
  • Doctor’s referral (not required to book an appointment)
  • Pertinent documents/information (MRI, X-rays, CT-scans, etc.)
  • Relevant extended health insurance information and forms

  • For you first appointment, please come 5 minutes early.

    How do I book an appointment?

    To book an appointment with us, send an email to Book an Appointment or call (604) 500-7811.

    Otherwise, if you are familiar with Janeapp, you can book yourself in at the location nearest to you by clicking through the following link:

    How do I cancel an appointment?

    To cancel an appointment more than 24 hours prior to your appointment:

  • Login to your Jane App account.
  • Under my account find upcoming appointments
  • Click cancel

  • Call or text (604) 500-7811

    Email Cancel Appointment

    To cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice:

    Call or text your therapist directly

    If you don't have your physiotherapists direct phone number, call or text (604) 500-7811

    Please note: If you do not provice us with at least 24 hours of notice, you will be charged 50% of the service fees (which is not covered by your Extended Health Care Benefits.)

    What are your cancellation policies?

    Please provide us with 24 hours notice of cancellation prior to your scheduled appointment time.

    If less than 24 hours notice is given for an appointment cancellation you will be charged 50% of the service fees.

    Claims and Coverages

    ICBC & WBC Claims

    If you are visiting us for work or motor vehicle related injury and have filed a claim with the appropriate parties, please bring the following in with you for your first appointment:

  • WCB/ICBC claim number
  • Doctor's referral (if you have one)
  • Adjustor name (if known)
  • Extended Health Benefit Plans

    Everybody's plans are different. Prior to your visit with us, please call your provider to inquire about how much they will cover on your physio treatment. If you'd like to pay with credit card, we require the following information:

  • Credit card number
  • Expiry dage
  • CCV security number
  • Postal code

  • Depending on your plan, automated payments are also an available option.

    Direct Billing

    We can bill directly to the following extended healthcare providers:

  • Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance
  • Cowan
  • Desjardins Insurance
  • Great West Life
  • Green Shield
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Johnson Inc.
  • Manulife Financial
  • Maximum Benefit or Johnson Group
  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • SSQ
  • Standard Life
  • Sun Life Financial

  • Please note: every extended health insurance plan is different. Some individual plans may not accept our claims. Confirm beforehand with your provider to ensure you are eligible for this service.

    Can Kinesiology Services be covered by insurance?

    Active Rehabilitation services offered by a kinesiologist can be covered by ICBC. Extended medical plan insurance may cover kinesiology services. Check with your insurance provider or contact us for more information.

    What are your rates?

    You can find our rates for all services here.

    How do I pay?

    Contact us with your credit card information and we will process the transaction for you (604) 500-7811 or email: Credit Card Information Desk.

    We send our invoices directly to you through email, using wave.com. If you're confused as to how it works, we've outlined the procedure below: