Concussion Management


The concussion management service provides evaluation and treatment for concussion and post concussion syndrome. Our highly experienced and qualified therapists successfully assess and treat patients experiencing various concussion symptoms including; headache, nausea, dizziness, memory problems. Our scientifically-validated concussion approach safely and effectively reduces symptoms and returns patients to their usual activities (school, work, sport) with a comprehensive and individually tailored active based program.

What does a session look like? 

Your first appointment will begin with a complete evidence based concussion assessment to assess your cervical spine (neck), vestibular system (think dizziness and balance) and your cardiovascular exercise tolerance. You will then discuss your goals with your clinician. Your clinician will then create a customized exercise program with you in each session to improve your range of motion, strength and control, motion tolerance and exercise capabilities. Your clinician will guide you towards settling your symptoms down so you feel better, more functional and able to engage in a recovery program. They will then safely progress you to returning to school, work, sport and prevent future injury.  

If necessary our team of therapists will communicate with your lawyers and ICBC to provide progress reports, and treatment extension requests to ensure that you receive the support you need to return to daily activity and sport pain free.

Physiotherapists Specializing in Concussion Management