Exercise for Chronic Disease Management 

We offer one on one, individualized exercise sessions with our kinesiology team to help individuals safety exercise for the management of chronic medical conditions

Exercise is proven to be an effective method to help with the management of many age, or lifestyle-related conditions. Beginning to exercise for the first time, learning to exercise safely or having the knowledge to manage an illness with exercise can be intimidating. At WestcoastSCI,  our goal is to introduce people to exercise in a supportive environment and help teach individuals with chronic medical conditions how to use exercise to manage symptoms and improve overall health.

What conditions can exercise help? 

  • Cardiovascular Disease 

  • Hypertension ( High Blood Pressure ) 

  • Diabetes 

  • Obesity 

  • Osteoarthritis 

  • Osteoporosis 

  • & more 

Low Cost Kinesiology Services 

We offer one-on-one kinesiology sessions for low-income adults who are covered under the MSP Regular Premium Assistance plan. Regular Premium Assistance is financial assistance for families who have filed their taxes and have an adjusted net income of $42,000 or less. This does not apply to individuals who pay into MSP. Contact us for more information. Individuals with Regular Premium Assistance are entitled to Supplementary Benefits, which will cover $23 for 10 sessions per year. 

Regular Rates 

$50 for a 60-minute personal training session
$70 for a 60-minute kinesiology session


Discounted Rate*

Regular Rates $40 for a 60-minute session
Client only pays $17 after MSP

$50 for a 60-minute personal training session $70 for a 60-minute kinesiology session * Discounted rate only apply to people who qualify for MSP Regular Premium Assistance

Free 30 minute consult

We offer a free 30 minute consult with one of our kinesiologists. During your free 30-minute consult, our kinesiology team will meet with you, and provide you with educational resources on why and what type of exercise is important in the management of your condition. The goal is to help you learn how exercise can be beneficial, and the steps to get you started.

Please call 604 500 7811 to book a 30 minute free consultation. Additionally, you can book online.