CHAPMANN CHEUNG, Ergonomist/BCAK Kinesiologist


B.Sc. Kinesiology - coop designation (SFU) with a concentration in Active Health and Rehabilitation and Human Factors and Ergonomics




Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists – Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant
American Associate of Active Rehabilitation of Health Professionals - Medical Exercise Specialist              Strongboard Balance Certified                                                                                                                          

Chapmann first began his career in the health and fitness industry in 1996 working apart of the Telus Corporate Fitness Program. Chapmann's interest in ergonomics grew from many of his clients who reported issues with back and neck pain. Chapmann began his focus in ergonomics in 1998. As a ergonomist and exercise specialist, Chapmann has extensive experience educating others on how to improve efficiencies and reduce incidence of pain and discomfort from improper posture or repetitive motion. Additionally, Chapmann has experience in program development and education of other fitness professionals through his work at Jericho Tennis Club and Shaughnessy Golf and Country clubs. 

Chapmann has worked with clients from ages 8 - 88, from elite athletes to individuals who are new to exercise. With his many years of experience, Chapmann is an expert in many areas of health, fitness and ergonomics. Chapmann's goal is always to share his knowledge in kinesiology and ergonomics by educating his clients as well as mentoring other fitness professionals. If you have any electrical questions, he's also a Red Seal Electrician.