Workout Using an Exercise Ball (VIDEO)

by Sep 27, 2023Exercises, Videos

Workout using an Exercise Ball!


The Exercise Ball works in a similar way to a BOSU ball and TRX suspension training, it adds instability to your movements, making exercises more difficult. Adding this equipment to your regular routine will challenge your balance, and will force you to activate your core muscles. The ball can be used against different surfaces, for example, the ground or the wall, which allows you to challenge different muscle groups.



High Plank | Keeping your feet raised on an exercise ball increases instability and makes a regular plank more challenging

Exercise Ball Jack Knife | For a progression from the high plank,  try the exercise ball jackknife. Maintain a nice plank position, slowly pull your feet in toward your chest, and then slowly return to the starting position. Keep your core engaged and movements slow and controlled.

Exercise Ball Hip Raises | Hip raises on an exercise ball gives some exercise to your hips and glutes. Slowly raise your hips off the ground while keeping them level, and then slowly back down to the ground.

Hamstring Curls | From there you can progress to the hamstring curls. Lift your hips up and hold them in a bridge position, slowly curl your feet in toward you, and slowly push them back to the bridge position. Maintain your hips leveled and core and glutes engaged during the exercise.

Wall Squat | A Wall squat with the exercise ball includes a bit of instability compared to a regular wall squat. Remember to keep your back nice and straight.

Single Leg Wall Squat |  Adding hip abduction also adds instability, while encouraging you to engage your hip abductor. Use your inside leg to push into the Swiss ball, and do a mini squat with your outside leg.

Exercise Ball Roll Out | With your knees on the floor, start with an elbow plank on the ball, keep your core controlled and engaged, slowly roll forward, and then slowly return to the starting position.

Exercise Ball Plank | A plank on a Swiss ball will make a perfect exercise to end your routine. You’ll find it harder than a regular plank because you’ll need to engage more muscles to stabilize yourself.