Why Westcoast SCI?

by Aug 9, 2022Physiotherapy

How do I choose a Physiotherapy Clinic?

When people are trying to figure out which physiotherapy clinic they should go to, they may be thinking of one important question: Why should I choose Westcoast SCI Physiotherapy? 

For years, physiotherapy has had an interesting existence. People either love going to physio, or they didn’t find it useful. We think a lot of this has to do with their experience and their relationship with their physiotherapist.

In order to build a relationship with anyone, you need to spend time with them. We believe that people that have reported a poor experience with physiotherapy were not given enough time to foster a healthy, therapeutic relationship with their therapist.

Westcoast SCI Physiotherapy was established to provide just that; the time to grow a therapeutic alliance between a patient and their physiotherapist or kinesiologist. After working at a clinic that did not value this extremely important connection, our founder understood firsthand why there is a need to build such a relationship.

Personalized Physiotherapy, One-on-One Care

When speaking to a person that has been turned off from physiotherapy, the first thing we usually hear is that they were left on their own during their session with no clear understanding of expectations, rationale for treatment or even clear instructions on what they should be doing or what area of their body they should be feeling the exercise they are going to do. Obviously, this would leave anyone frustrated especially when they’re trying to recover from their injuries. Imagine being left alone in a gym when you’ve suffered an injury and were told to perform some sort of exercise you’ve never seen before. The “therapist” gives you a 30 second demonstration and then wanders off to see their next patient and you’re left on your own trying to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing. No wonder some physios ruin it for everyone.

At Westcoast SCI, your therapist will always be with you. We never double book and your session will always be 100% yours and yours alone. We spend the time with you to make sure we have all the information necessary to diagnose and treat your ailment. We make sure to spend time to educate you about your unique situation and why we think the approach we choose to provide you with is the best one for you based on the demands in your life. There’s no point in prescribing a million things for you to do when you barely have time to make dinner, pick up your kids and take a shower.

Spending time educating our therapists is something that we pride ourselves on. The science behind what we do is constantly evolving and making sure we are considering the best practices, making evidence informed decisions, considering what has worked in the past and listening to your needs and goals is key to getting you better.