What is our Individualized Running Assessment Service? (Why Would I need One?)

by May 1, 2018Physiotherapy, Treatment

How do I improve my running efficiency?

With some great spring weather around the corner, and running season kicking off, it is always important to take care of your body to prevent running injuries. Running is great cardiovascular exercise! However, the repetitive nature of running, and higher impact running has on lower limb joints can result in injuries from poor running form.

If you have a nagging knee, ankle, hip pain while running, are training for a long race and increasing your running distance, are new to running, want to shave time off your personal best or want to get back into running after being injured? Listen up, this service is for you!

What is the Individualized Running Program?

Here at Westcoast SCI we have three physiotherapists who specialize in running technique, and gait analysis. They offer an individualized running assessment, that focuses on addressing injuries and correcting form, specific to runners.

The goal of a running assessment is to evaluate your running technique and identify muscular imbalances and areas of your running form that you can correct in order to improve your running performance, prevent injury or manage a current injury. Our goal is to help modify your running form to run pain free. There is no exact recipe for how each person should run, all bodies are different which is why each assessment is completely individualized.

How Does the Individualized Running Program Work?

The individualized running program starts with an assessment performed by a physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist will then identify areas of improvement and create an individualized exercise program custom to your needs and goals. We have treatment options depending on your insurance coverage and budget. Follow up exercise session’s can either be booked with a physiotherapist or kinesiologist.

Why is Proper Running Form Beneficial?

For New Runners: If you beginning to run for the first time, learning proper running form is important to prevent injury from running. Additionally, understanding and addressing your muscular weakness and running form can prevent future injury.

For Increasing Running Distance: If you are training for a longer running event such as a half marathon or full marathon, ensuring that you have proper form before increase your total running distance each week will help you prevent injury from the high impact of running as well as improve your performance.

For Elite Runners: A video running gait assessment can help identify small weaknesses in your running form that are hard to see without slow motion video analysis. Improving your running form will help you become a more efficient runner and improve your overall running performance.

What Does a Running Assessment Do?

  • Prevent Injury

  • Improve Running Technique

  • Improve Running Efficiency

  • Identify and Correct Muscular Imbalances

What Will an Assessment Involve?

Initial Session (with Physiotherapist)

  • Treadmill Gait Analysis

  • Video Running Analysis

  • Postural Analysis

  • Functional Movement Screen

Subsequent Sessions (with Physiotherapist or Kinesiologist)

  • Gym Based Strengthening Program

  • Home Exercise Program

Read more about our Individualized Running Program and the physiotherapists that offer it here. If you have any additional questions about the individual running assessment, please contact us with any questions.