What is Foam Rolling? (and how to use one!)

by Apr 17, 2018Exercises, Health and Wellness, Treatment

What are the benefits of Foam Rolling?

You may be noticing more foam rollers in physiotherapy clinics and fitness centres, but what exactly is foam rolling and what does it do? Foam rollers come in all different shapes, sizes and densities. Foam rolling is a type of self-myofascial massage. This is a type of self-technique to massage targeted areas of fascia. Fascia is a type of soft connective tissue that surrounds all the muscles and organs in the body. Fascia also connects groups of muscles and can contribute to stiffness.

What does self myofascial release do?

  • Help reduce trigger points
  • Relieve muscles soreness and tightness
  • Improve range of motion

When and how long should I foam roll for?

Foam rollers can be used as part of a stretching routine at the end of your workout, or to help with mobility. Additionally, foam rollers are a great tool for different mobility exercises. Check out the video of our physiotherapist Jack demonstrating some foam roller stretches. Remember to roll at a nice and slow tempo for greater than thirty seconds for each muscle. If your muscles are highly stiff or sensitive, you can lift yourself off the foam roller slightly to reduce the intensity, or use a less dense foam roller.


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