What Does Physiotherapy at Westcoast SCI Look Like?

by May 30, 2017Physiotherapy

What do you do in Physiotherapy? (at Westcoast SCI)


In my last post, I wrote about how physiotherapy can be beneficial to everyone, even if you don’t think you need it. Of course, physiotherapy isn’t a one-time thing where your injuries will heal or posture will straighten with just one appointment. Like all good things in life, nothing comes easy – regular appointments need to be made in order to see any progress. So I met with Patrick for another physiotherapy session, this time focusing less on the thoracic muscles and more on my glutes and core.

It’s important to engage your glutes regularly, as they are often disengaged for those who spend most of their day sitting. Strengthening the glutes can make daily movement easier, help prevent injuries, and improve athletic performance.

Unlike last time where the exercises were low intensity, this 45 minute session had me sweating and mentally challenging myself to focus on the specific muscles at work. Having worked together before, Patrick knew what pace and exercises would up the intensity from my last session.  The benefits of seeing the same physiotherapist were evident, as he remembered which of my muscles were weaker and continuously reminded me to pay attention to them while adapting certain moves for my body.

Like a personal trainer, having Patrick do the same moves beside me was a great way to maintain a steady pace. I would use his demonstrations as guides and proceed to imitate his movements to the best of my ability. Rather than him simply “coaching” or instructing, it felt like I had a partner who was just as invested into the workout as me for the full 45 minutes.

To see a recap of what my workout was like today, check out the video below!