During the week of October 8-12, 2018, we launched Westcoast SCI week, a celebration of all things Westcoast SCI – from motivation, to our story, to feature of one of you, to an interactive Q&A. Here is a summary of the amazing week we had!

Monday: Motivation Monday

To kick off the week which started Thanksgiving, we wanted to get you motivated with the great quote: “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life” -Melody Beattie



Tuesday: Our Story

We launched our vision, mission, values, and our origin story on social media, bringing us and you into a new era of health

Wednesday: Humans of Westcoast SCI

We launched our Humans of Westcoast SCI series, where we profile an inspirational client to show you what’s possible. We profiled Jannie, a tough mudder participant who got over her fear of water. See the full story here.

Thursday: Our Plan

We outlined our social media content plan for the next year, each month having a Westcoast SCI Community feature, a Humans of Westcoast SCI feature, a Physiotherapy piece, and a Health/Wellness/Fitness Piece



Friday: Q&A

For any questions, see our FAQ page or call us at (604) 500-7811