Top 4 Benefits of Ergonomics (in the Workplace)

by Feb 8, 2018Health and Wellness, Posture and Ergonomics

The Value of Ergonomics in the Workplace

Westcoast SCI is pleased to now offer ergonomic assessments and consultations. Ergonomics involves the study of your job demands, environment, job equipment and tools to determine injury risk and help adjust work spaces to fit individuals needs and reduce injury risk. Healthy workers are always more productive workers. Kinesiologists or Physiotherapists can perform ergonomic assessments and will make recommendations on how work spaces can be changed to reduce strain on the body. Many injuries can be avoided by making a few simple adjustments to your workspace.

Benefits of Ergonomics:

1. Ergonomics Reduces Injury

Ergonomic Assessment and intervention has been proven to reduce musculoskeletal injury (Bohr, 2000; Herbert et al., 2001; Reynolds et al., 1994; Wickström et al., 1993). These studies found a reduction of injury claims and reports after ergonomic adjustments were made to employee workspaces. Reducing the amount of injury in your workspace will reduce both direct and indirect costs associated with workplace injuries.

2. Ergonomics Improves Productivity

Tired, frustrated and employees in pain are not productive workers. By designing a workstation to promote better posture, reduce exertion, and reduce pain caused from job demands, an employee’s workstation becomes more efficient leading to more productive work.

3. Ergonomics Improves Employee Engagement & Safety Culture

Investing in the health, safety and well being of your employee’s can increase employee satisfaction and engagement. Investing in ergonomics reflects your company’s commitment to health and safety in the workplace. This results in increased value on safety and health within your company. Healthy workers are happy workers.

4. Ergonomics Improves Quality of Work

Poorly designed workstations or equipment often leads to employees that are fatigued. If job tasks are physically taxing, employees may not perform their job to the highest of their ability to take that extra step to ensure top quality work. Reducing fatigue by creating more efficient ways to get the job done through the help of our kinesiologists or physiotherapists can improve quality in your workplace.

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Ergonomics at the workplace before
Ergonomics at the workplace

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