Tone and Grow Your Glutes & Hips with this HIIT Workout

by Feb 16, 2022Exercises

How to strengthen your hips and glutes

This HIIT workout will consist of four exercises that will be repeated 3 times in succession, remember if you’re sore in the morning don’t panic, that’s very natural. We also have a stretching video for your hips and glutes as well. 


Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

30 seconds

  • Start by standing upright with your arms by your side
  • With both legs, jump and increase the distance between your two feet. At the same time, bring your arms up above your head
  • If the impact is uncomfortable for your knees or hips, you can just do the arms (if it’s uncomfortable for you arms, just do the legs)


45 seconds

  • To begin, you want to be shoulder width apart with your knees
  • Slowly lower yourself down into a squat, as low as possible
  • As you bring yourself back up, you really want to emphasize the extension / hip thrust at the top, squeezing through your buttocks, straightening out through your hips and driving your hips forward as you come up
Bridge Walkout

Bridge Walkout

45 seconds

  • Start in a bridge position where you lift up your hips
  • Then walk your feet out all the way so that they’re almost straight but not touching the ground
  • then you’re going to walk your feet back in to return to bridge position
  • If you want to make it a bit harder, try doing the walkouts on your heels
side plank with clamshells

Side Plank with Clamshells

30 seconds each side

  • Start in a side plank position on your knees
  • To activate your glutes, bring your top leg up away from the bottom leg as if you’re opening up a clamshell, then bring your top leg back down to close the clamshell
  • Make sure to do this on the other side as well

Check out the video below to follow along with the exercises in real time.