Top 3 Tips for Picking a Running Shoe

by Jun 30, 2020Health and Wellness, Top Tips

How do I pick a new running shoe?

There are a lot of different options for running shoes these days; all with claims of providing the best technology to support your feet. Figuring out what options are the best for you can be overwhelming. We’ve put together a few tips that can help you choose the right shoe for you.

Tip #1: Keep it Consistent

  • Go for fits, brands or makes that have worked for you in the past

  • Try to keep the heel to toe drop difference and stack height of the shoe consistent while in the middle of training

  • The time to think about changing things up is when you are trying to increase your running time or if you get a running injury

Keep It Consistent

Tip #2: Try Out Different Options Based on Your Goals, Injury History and Gait


  • High flexibility, low heel to toe drop, low stack height and weight

  • Less likely to have medial posting for stability

  • Better for higher performance, non-injured


  • Stiffer, heavier, cushioned heel

  • More likely to have stability or motion control options

  • Better for acute injuries to the foot, achilles or calf


  • Cushioning is stiffer under the instep to help with overpronation

  • Good option if your current shoe soles have worn more on the outside of the heel or under the instep and if you are having pain


  • Cushioning is uniform throughout the sole of the shoe

Try Different Options Based On Goals, Injury History and Gait

Tip #3: Get a Running or Gait Assessment from a Professional

To prevent injury or improve running performance, we recommend getting a running or gait assessment to evaluate your running form & technique as well as identify muscular imbalances

  • Try adjusting cadence

  • Add in strengthening

  • Try a graded running program to build load

  • Try slowly transitioning to a minimalist shoe to improve performance

Get Running or Gait Assessment

Remember, this is just general information.
If you have specific medical conditions, are experiencing pain, or you’re just not sure where to start when it comes to exercise, please remember we’re here for you.

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