Things to do while waiting on the Ski Slopes

by Feb 7, 2018Health and Wellness

When you are waiting for your (slower) friends on the slopes

Skiing is the favorite winter pastime of a lot of people, that’s why you are likely going to see thousands of people having fun when you are on the slopes. For that reason, skiing also involves a lot of waiting. Waiting in line for tickets, lifts, bathroom, food, drink, just to name a few.

Waiting can be boring and frustrating, and sometimes cold. In this post, we’ll show you how our physiotherapists and kinesiologists optimize their time on the mountains and make their tours safer and happier.

When waiting for the chairlift, optimize your time by attempting a few stretches. Check your surroundings before you start, you don’t want to hit people around you. You can also do some neck, shoulder stretches and body rotations on the chairlift. They are beneficial because your upper body tends to be stiff since your muscles are engaged to stay balanced. If you are snowboarding and falling on your arms a lot, do a few extra shoulder stretches to reduce the tension.

Chairlift could be a long ride, it’d be a good idea to use it. A few neck, shoulder, and arm stretches, and upper body rotations can relax your tightened muscles, help your body to stay in that ideal elasticity and comfort tone. 

When your friend is in the bathroom, you should probably consider taking a relief yourself. You’ll waste more time by taking turns. But since you are waiting, it’s an opportunity for you to stretch your groin, hamstring, and thigh because you can take your equipment off. Your legs are likely to be pretty tight after few hours of skiing, extending them can reduce fatigue and soreness. It’ll keep you going happily for another few hours, and will prevent muscle soreness that night or the day after.

As always, these exercises are just recommended, consult your healthcare provider before trying them yourself. Have a great time on the slope!