The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned from Physiotherapy

by Aug 16, 2017Physiotherapy

How Physiotherapy has helped me

Today was my last physiotherapy session at Westcoast SCI. Seeing that today was my last session before “discharge” Jack made sure to push me hard, but also leave me with exercises I could take away and do on my own. We did plenty of sport-specific exercises that worked on core rotation, speed, agility, and power that would prepare me for the upcoming volleyball season.

As a quick review, I started off with Patrick who focused on core stability and balance. After four sessions, I moved on to Peter, who prioritized technique alongside basic core exercises. Then, Jack took me on and incorporated tons of equipment, HIIT, and sport-specific coaching.

What Have I Learned From Physio?

As a physio newbie, I started my sessions at Westcoast SCI with very loose goals. Since I was pretty active this summer and injury-free, my appointments with each of the physios took the form of personal training sessions, with a hint of manual therapy when I was feeling sore. Throughout this term, I have become much more aware of my body’s strengths and weaknesses. I’ve also learned how essential the core is for posture, balance, and overall stability.

One of the most important things I have to take away from training at Westcoast SCI is that learning proper technique is tremendously important for any exercise or sport that you do. Proper technique is the key to injury-prevention, which is obviously more favourable when in contrast with injury-recovery.

Most people who start physiotherapy only begin once they feel pain or obtain an injury. At Westcoast SCI, the physiotherapists stick with you throughout your journey to recovery and beyond; once your body is fully recovered, they offer sessions to help maintain your physical strength and fitness. My advice to any other physio-newbies out there would be to not wait until you need it, or you feel something is wrong – the earlier you learn from a physiotherapist, the more your body will thank you in the future!