Stretch it Out

by Jun 13, 2017Physiotherapy

Why is stretching beneficial?


Do you ever have those days where your motivation plummets down a “well of non-existence”? It’s too scary to jump in to the well to look for it, so instead you sit on the edge of the drop, waiting for the only thing that’s keeping you going to come back.

Yup, that’s how I felt this morning before my physiotherapy appointment with Patrick. So instead of any intense sweat-inducing exercises, we focused on deep stretches and engaging the thoracic spine (where an imbalance that was brought to my attention during my first physio session).

Instead of tiring me out, my physio appointment actually gave me an extra boost of energy that kept me going the entire day.

Check out the video down below to see what kind of stretches were incorporated into today’s active-based physiotherapy session at Westcoast SCI!