Physiotherapy for Healthcare and Essential Workers

by Jan 27, 2022Physiotherapy

Thank you healthcare workers and essential workers. You keep us all safe and keep society running smoothly.

healthcare worker wearing mask

As you know our healthcare workers and essential workers are working under extreme duress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Day in and day out they put themselves at risk to help others. Whether it’s the pharmacist giving you a vaccination, the nurse triaging you at the emergency department, a school teacher educating your children, the bus driver getting you to or from home, or the store associate helping you with your groceries.

Even though we are all fatigued from 2 years of the pandemic, we still continue to rely so much on our healthcare providers and essential workers.

We wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the healthcare workers and essential workers out there who do what they do. You know who you are!

If you’re a healthcare worker in BC and have Pacific Blue Cross health benefits, PBC has increased your physiotherapy benefits recently.

PBC realizes the fact that our healthcare workers need to also take care of themselves. To make things more convenient for you, we also direct bill Pacific Blue Cross claims so you don’t have to worry about any paperwork, you just need to focus on yourself!

Common injuries we see from our healthcare workers and other essential workers include: chronic pain, low back pain, stress headaches, neck stiffness, shoulder impingement and tendinopathy, hip pain related to arthritis and joint problems, bunions, plantar fasciitis and other foot related issues, hand and wrist injuries. It doesn’t matter if your job is physical or sedentary, increased stress over time can put a huge burden on your physical health. People may also not realize that standing in one spot for too long without moving around can also place a lot of stress on your body.

At Westcoast SCI, we want to extend a hand out to our fellow healthcare workers and make sure you are taken care of. Just like all of us, you’ve got aches and pains that need attention. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Let us help. We’re only a click away. Take advantage of our Tele-Rehab option to get the care you need from the comfort of your own home, when it’s convenient for you.