It’s a continuous process

by Nov 6, 2017Physiotherapy

How physiotherapy has helped me so far

My third physio session with Jayde also emphasized on my hips. Every physiotherapist has his/her own style of approaching the holistic functioning, for Jayde, she likes to use a regional interdependence model, always looking at the joints below and above the problem area. Although my low back was my main problem, she spotted that my hip muscles are my weak points, so her approach worked especially good for me.

Before we started the session, we spent a few minutes talking about my progress. After working my outer hips for a week, I can feel my muscles woken up by the moderate exercises. They sometimes get tired from running, climbing stairs, and walking for a relatively long distance. I’d like to think it’s because I’ve started to use them.

Jayde started this session by giving me some manual therapy, and then we moved on to another stage of strengthening my hips. First, we tried the same core and hip stability exercise to review what we did in the last session. It became significantly easier for me. It’s amazing to look at the comparison and realize how much I’ve progressed. I’m looking forward to seeing how improving balance and core stability can boost my performance in the sports I do.

New workouts from this session were similar to last week, and are based on the same idea, challenging my balance and stability by altering my center of gravity. Jayde also asked me to keep working on exercises from the last session, but to progressively increase the load by adding more resistance/weight, as I continue to get stronger.