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by Jan 25, 2019Humans of Westcoast SCI

Tanya Westcoast SCI Patient Experience Manager

Meet Tanya.

As a mother of two young children, the difficulty of balancing family, work, and exercise is something that Tanya wholeheartedly understands. “As any parent knows, it’s hard. There’s never enough hours in the day.” To make it all work, Tanya believes in prioritizing, scheduling and involving the family.

Tanya has been working at Westcoast SCI’s Port Coquitlam location as the Office Manager since October 2017; previously working at a large physiotherapy clinic for five years. The story, culture, and philosophy of Westcoast SCI is what convinced Tanya to join the team and eventually, become a client as well.

Working on strength and conditioning regularly, one-on-one with Natalie, one of our kinesiologists, has had a big positive impact in her life. “I no longer have neck, back and shoulder pain from working a desk job. I’m sleeping better, feeling energized and most importantly, I have more energy and patience with my children.” The guidance and support from Natalie has helped Tanya learn the proper form and technique in a comfortable environment. “Natalie’s really great at pushing my boundaries and making me realize how strong I am.”

Push Ups on Balance Board and Ball

In the past, Tanya has tried working out at gyms, community centers, and even at home, but she believes that none of them compare to the unique and personalized experience of working out at Westcoast SCI’s small, private studio. “It’s a fun atmosphere and you receive the one-on-one support from the trainers.”

On days that Tanya can’t make it into the gym, she comes up with creative ways to incorporate fitness and family time. “We’ll go on nature walks, do YouTube workout videos; my kids love showing me how fast they can run or how strong they are, so it works for me and it shows them the importance of exercise as well.”

Tanya’s new year’s resolution is also connected to finding that perfect balance in life. ‘Disconnect and Reconnect’ is what she calls it. She’s hoping to disconnect from devices and other distractions; putting a focus on reconnecting with others and being more present in the now this year. “It’s a work in progress… but, I’m working on it.”

Thank you Tanya for all of your hard work and commitment to yourself, your family and to Westcoast SCI!

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