How to Improve Posture, Stability and Performance: Strengthen the Core

by Jun 6, 2017Physiotherapy

Engaging your Core Muscles


For my third appointment at Westcoast SCI, we focused on exercises that worked my glutes, core, and arms with the underlying goal to work on posture. Now that we’ve seen each other twice before, Patrick increased my weights for the exercises that required them. Safe to say, every part of my arms experienced that horribly painful yet satisfying tightness for the next couple of days.

The physiotherapists at Westcoast SCI really get to know you through conversation and your behaviour while working out. With an active approach to physiotherapy, Westcoast SCI finds ways to push you, by motivating you to challenge yourself.

In addition to the weights, many of the exercises incorporated balance to work my core. These exercises with equipment like the bosu ball helped to show which side of my body is generally stronger than the other. They were also extremely beneficial as balancing is not normally incorporated into my personal workout routines.

One important thing to remember is that “the core” isn’t just abs – it includes the rectus abdominis (abs), erector spinae (low back), internal and external obliques (the sides), and transverse abdominis (deeper layer of muscle). Strengthening the core has a direct effect on improving posture, stability, and athletic performance. Engaging your core muscles can also lower the risk of injuries and lower back pain.

Check out the video below to see what kind of exercises we used! Can you tell which ones I found most challenging?