Fascial Manipulation Therapy

by Jan 31, 2018Physiotherapy, Treatment

What is Fascial Manipulation?


A couple days ago, I played squash for the first time. It was challenging, fast-paced, and extremely fun! The next morning, however, I woke up with a sore forearm, groin, and back. Today I had another physiotherapy session with Peter. I made sure to tell him which muscles were feeling tight, so we continued where we left off in our last appointment doing many of the same basic moves to engage the core with the addition of wrist-specific stretches and a short manual therapy session to end.

This was my first experience with manual therapy. Peter focused on my forearm splints (similar to shin splints on the reverse side of the forearm). He used fascial manipulation (also known as the Stecco method) to decrease the pain in the area. To do so, Peter applied pressure to the tender points on my forearm. He explained that the soreness of the muscle, caused by the muscle’s spasming, is reduced as the brain reacts to the pressure points by releasing tension in the forearm. When pressure is released, the muscles remain relaxed.

The physiotherapists at Westcoast SCI are constantly working to improve their services by taking courses that further their expertise and practise. Each therapist has a unique background of hobbies and interests that shape their specialties in physiotherapy methods. Having had sessions with both Peter and Patrick, I’ve learned that both their techniques are effective – it’s simply a matter of whether their style fits yours!

 To see what my physio session looked like today, check out the video below!