Top 3 Exercises for Pelvic Floor Health / Pregnancy Preparation

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What exercises can you do to prepare for pregnancy?

Pelvic floor health is important for a huge number of things. One thing that people do not always think about is how training your pelvic floor muscles is helpful to prepare for and during pregnancy. Here are some of the best exercises to work on if you are trying to get pregnant.

Exercise #1: Optimize Posture

  • The core and pelvic floor are vital in stabilizing the torso/pelvis. When there is dysfunction in the pelvic floor, we tend to pick up different compensations to maintain the stability. This may alter how we hold our posture
  • This new posture may change the length of the muscles at rest to produce optimal tension. This can further impede your core/pelvic floor’s ability to stabilize the body through movements
  • Alterations in posture can help reduce symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Making these changes can be extra important in and after pregnancy when some form of pelvic floor dysfunction is already very common
  • This can impact symptoms of lower back pain, Diastasis Rectus Abdominus, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, incontinence
  • Changes to posture can be achieved through education and some simple self release techniques
Optimize Posture

Exercise #2: Core Strength

  • Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can help reduce the pelvic floor dysfunction after pregnancy or at anytime

  • It is important to practice activating the pelvic floor muscles in conjunction with the rest of the core muscles

  • This extra stability can be built into your major lifts when appropriate

  • Help reduce the postnatal problems such as incontinence, POP, DRA

  • The extra strength can help with labour, alongside staying active through pregnancy

  • See a pelvic floor physiotherapist for recommendations

Core Strength

Exercise #3: Optimize Breath

  • Many of the pelvic floor problems listed previously are often worsened by increased intra-abdominal pressure
  • When performing exercises with pelvic floor dysfunction or ever it is helpful to breathe through exercise (out on exertion)
  • This can be accompanied by a pelvic floor contraction (to create a lifting sensation in the pelvic floor muscles)
Optimize Breath

See a specialist for help with exercise and pelvic health. Remember, this is just general information.
If you have specific medical conditions, are experiencing pain, or you’re just not sure where to start when it comes to exercise, please remember we’re here for you.

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