Engaging the Core

by Jun 26, 2017Physiotherapy

How do I flex my core?


Instead of meeting with Patrick, today’s physiotherapy appointment was with Peter. Each physiotherapist at Westcoast SCI offers a unique service depending on their training and specializations. Peter’s method never went beyond the basics of each exercise, but he gives special attention to every single muscle being used (which made things a lot harder than I expected!). While Patrick’s style embraced an active-based approach to physio, my appointment with Peter was much slower but still worth every minute.

With no injuries or lingering pains to work on, my appointment targeted the core and thoracic spine muscles to strengthen my upper body and improve posture. For every stretch, modified plank, push-up, or pull-up, we started by locating the core muscles that were supposed to be engaged. From there, we went to the next level and made the exercises more challenging. It was very difficult to remember all the muscles being used, so having Peter (literally) nudge me in the right direction helped me to focus on I’ve established good technique the moves will be modified to increase difficulty and work my muscles properly and efficiently.

Today, my session was both physically and mentally challenging. It made me realize how many areas of my body work simultaneously, and which ones cause imbalances or injuries by overcompensating for others. Peter told me that as the exercises come easier to me with the proper technique, I’d be able to move on to more difficult exercises. This got me excited for my next appointment, and eager to work on my own at home.