Does Physiotherapy Work?

by Jul 13, 2017Physiotherapy

How quickly does physiotherapy work?


Last week, I was walking home from the skytrain station and something felt off. I adjusted my backpack’s strap length for the right shoulder. Before, my right shoulder had a subtle slope. I compensated for this imbalance by making my backpack strap on my right side shorter than the left. And now, they’re even!

On the weekend, I received a compliment when someone close to me mentioned that my posture is looking much better than before. I’ve never been complimented on good posture, only reprimanded for my bad posture, so this was a definite boost for me.

Today, the “basic” core exercises that Peter introduced me to three weeks ago were less challenging. Muscle memory kicked in, but it wouldn’t have adapted to my weekly physio appointments as fast if I hadn’t worked on the exercises at home.

I try to incorporate the proper technique I learn at Westcoast SCI into my workouts at home. When I was younger, I used to take piano lessons. I grew to dislike playing the piano, simply because I would find it hard and frustrating to practice at home. I would become even more frustrated the following lesson when I had not progressed from the previous week at all. But nothing great comes without practice. Noticing technique when working out alone is definitely harder than having a trained professional point out the little details for you. But I found that trying my best to incorporate the improvements that Peter shows me, and treating them as tips rather than homework, translated into a gradual improvement in my physical abilities, both in the gym and my everyday life.

So far, I have had 7 physiotherapy sessions with Westcoast SCI. I would still consider myself a physio-newbie, but am very pleased and proud of my progress so far!