Best TRX Exercises

by Aug 4, 2017Exercises, Physiotherapy

Are TRX workouts effective?


Today was my second appointment with Jack. We spent the entire session working with the TRX Suspension Training System. TRX is short for Total Body Resistance Exercise. That is, you use your body weight and gravity as resistance during exercise to create a full body workout while working the core. The position of your body can modify the amount of resistance with every move, so the level of difficulty is entirely in your hands!

After warming up, Jack and I started out working on the core, then moved our way through the arms and legs. Although the exercises looked simple enough, they were much harder once Jack customized the exercises to an appropriate level of difficulty. For some moves, I would really feel the burn by the second set and wouldn’t be able to finish the following exercise! Although I know my glutes and triceps will be hurting, it was definitely another fun session!

To see what kind of workouts you can do with a TRX System, check out the video below!