Pregnant woman with aching knees, uncomfortable, sweating because she's exercising


It is unsafe to exercise when I’m pregnant.

Pregnant women exercising


  • All pregnant women without specific risk factors are encouraged to exercise [3]

  • Aim for at least 150 minutes/week at moderate intensity (at least 3 days/week), including aerobic and muscle strengthening [3]

  • Fewer newborn complications, with no increased risk of negative outcomes for pregnant women or their babies [3]

  • Many benefits for pregnant women, including a decreased risk of gestational diabetes and caesarean section [1, 3]

  • Aerobic exercise ideas include: stationary cycling, brisk walking, swimming or aquafit [3]

  • To reduce the risk of urinary incontinence, daily pelvic floor muscle training can be performed [3]

  • Some modifications include avoiding: physical contact/risk of falls, exercise in excessive heat, and lying on your stomach (mid-late pregnancy) [1, 3]

  • Talk to a health professional before increasing your activity level during pregnancy [2]

Physiotherapy can help you maintain or increase your activity levels safely during pregnancy, especially if you are experiencing pain, incontinence, or other symptoms during activity.

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