Anj’s Road to Recovery: An Introduction

by Aug 11, 2020Anj's Road to Recovery

What happens if a knee injury goes untreated?

Hello all!

My name is Anjali and I am a 2nd /3rd year kinesiology student at the University of British Columbia. I hold an immense passion for this field, which has evolved from my experience as a soccer player and athlete but is mostly due to the injuries I have obtained over the years. Currently, I am amid a great opportunity working a co-op term here at Westcoast SCI Active Physiotherapy as a Patient Experience Specialist. In addition to my receptionist role, I am working on a project of my own focusing on knee injuries of my own that have lingered on for years now.

To give you guys a back story on my injury, my knee was first injured in a soccer game about 6 years ago. I stopped a forceful ball with my left ankle at an unusual angle causing it to twist left, along with my knee taking the impact as well. At the time, I never allowed myself to take time off to let my knee heal, instead I played through the pain. This was simply due to my love for the game and the internal need to continue playing. However, the longer I put it off and ignored the pain, the worse the injury became, eventually resulting in my right knee becoming injured as well.

Portrait of Anjali
Anjali playing soccer

Through seeing many different physiotherapists, sports medicine specialists, and wearing a ton of knee braces, my knee pain has become quite chronic. We thought it would be a great idea to work on a plan for them while on co-op term here, so I can actively invest research into it for my own kinesiology knowledge. Over the next few blog posts, I will be taking you all along with me on my road to recovery! My sessions will be alongside physiotherapist, Tom Michie! He will be working on a strengthening plan as well as helping me navigate my research with his own knowledge.

Catch you guys next time, where I’ll be discussing some very cool discoveries during my first physiotherapy session with Tom!

– Anj

Anj’s Road to Recovery