6 Healthy Habits for Work & Home

by Nov 24, 2018Health and Wellness

How to stay healthy while working from home?

Healthy Habits at Work & Home


Health is like a smooth river rock; created by the habit of the river. You can put systems in place in your environment, routines, and life that can create exponential affects over time. Try incorporating some or all of these health tips at home and work and enjoy the benefits of the river!

Two of the places we spend the most time in – work and home – are riddled with opportunities to improve your health in creative ways. Here’s a checklist you can print off and go through casually or in-depth to see the small investments you can implement now that will reap BIG rewards for your health over time.

Healthy Habits at Work
Optimal Home Office Set Up Ergonomics

How to Be Healthier at Work

1) Protect The Neck (avoid a hunchback)

  • Keep the screen at eye level
  • Neck should be in a neutral position (ears over shoulders)
  • Head at a comfortable reading distance
  • Rest the forearms on the desk to keep shoulders relaxed

2) Support Your Back

  • Lumbar support adjusted to hit the low to mid back
  • Thighs should be parallel to the ground
  • Seat at knee height
  • Use footrest if needed
  • Evenly position on both sit bones

3) Save your Wrists (prevent carpal tunnel)

  • Wrists lay flat on desk/keyboard
  • Keep mouse/tools within easy reach
  • Use arm to move mouse. Keep the wrist neutral
  • Elbows at desk height
  • Try using shortcut keys


  • Move every 30 minutes
  • Tilt your chair back a bit or change your posture
  • Walk while you talk on the phone
  • Have A Stretch
    • Reach arms out wide and squeeze shoulder blades
    • Bring the ear to the shoulder
    • Clench and release fists
    • Rotate your torso to grab your armrest with the opposite arm
    • For more stretching ideas see Westcoast SCI therapists
Healthy Habits at Home
How to be healthier at home

How to Be Healthier at Home

1) Daytime

  • Avoid long periods of sitting still
  • When watching TV, do chores in the commercial breaks
  • Do not sit for prolonged periods in bed, always in in a proper chair
  • Think about wearing proper footwear so your feet don’t hurt by the end of the day
  • Add a 10-minute stretch to your morning or evening routine
  • Use golf balls, tennis balls, lacrosse balls or rolling pins to roll out tight muscles
  • Plans meals ahead of time to avoid eating things you shouldn’t
  • Use proper form when lifting heavy objects or ask for help
  • For instruction on how to lift properly see Westcoast SCI therapists

2) Night Time (Getting a proper sleep will affect every aspect of your health)

  • Don’t drink lots of fluid rights before bed
  • Keep a consistent evening routine
  • Create a dark, cool and reasonably quiet environment
  • Do not use more than one pillow under your head
  • Support your back while you sleep
    • Use a good, comfortable pillow
    • If you sleep on your back, put a pillow under your knees
    • If you sleep on your side, put a pillow between your knees
  • Avoid screens right before you sleep

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