5 Tips for Wearing a Backpack Properly (VIDEO)

by Jul 24, 2023Exercises, Videos

Whether you’re taking an outdoor walk, going on a hike, or returning to school as a student, it’s crucial to wear your backpack correctly to avoid any potential injuries.

Below are some helpful tips and a video showing the best way to wear your backpack.



Make Sure You’re Not Carrying Any More Than 15 Percent of Your Body Weight in Your Backpack!

Having too heavy of a load on your shoulders can hinder your upper limb performance by  trapping nerves and reducing blood supply to your soft tissues. Reducing the physical load you’re carrying is one of the easier ways to reduce the stress put on your shoulders and spine.


Find a Backpack That’s as Long as Your Torso

If the distance between your shoulder straps and hips is too short, the weight of your pack can dangle and stress your shoulders. If the space is too long, you’ll find it uncomfortable to wear your backpack for too long. The bottom of your pack should rest right in the curve of your lower back, not more than four inches below your waistline.


Adjust Your Shoulder Straps Properly

If your straps don’t match the contours of your neck and shoulders, they can pinch and bruise those same areas. The bottoms of your straps should rest at least a hands-width below your armpit so they don’t ride up and press against your skin, and that your arms can move freely. Make sure you’re wearing both shoulder straps as well to help evenly distribute the weight of your backpack.


Keep Your Posture in Check

Bearing weight on your shoulders can exaggerate or worsen any postural errors you may already have. Making sure you keep your back straight, shoulders back and dropped, and head up will help prevent any spinal misalignments and/or back injuries!


Keep the Load Close to Your Body

The closer the load from a backpack is to the spine, the easier it is for the body to carry. Make sure to back the heaviest items in the pouch of the backpack closest to the spine, and make sure to teach your child to do the same.



Watch Gabe below to see how to adjust your backpack to fit properly and prevent injury.

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