5 Beginner Bosu Ball Exercises

by Apr 4, 2018Exercises, Health and Wellness, Kinesiology

What are the benefits of using a BOSU ball?

You can probably find a BOSU ball in every commercial gym, fitness studio, physiotherapy clinic, and sports clubs. It’s designed to be a core stability training tool but also proved to be a useful tool for balance training, flexibility, sharpening reflexes, weight loss, active rehabilitation, cardiovascular fitness, and specified athletic drills. Ever wondered how you can benefit from the BOSU in the gym you go to or that you’ve bought? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you how it can help and how to do the exercises correctly.

“The bosu ball is a staple tool in my exercise routine! Using a bosu is a simple way to challenge and progress any exercise as well as work on your stability and balance. A bosu can also be a highly effective tool to retrain stability in the ankle and knee after injury. Check out below for my top beginner exercises to do on the bosu.” 

-Review by Jen (Kinesiology Staff)

5 Bosu Ball Exercises

1. Lunge on Bosu: place your front foot on the bosu ball and raise your back heel. Do a deep lunge, driving through your front heel. For an added challenge hold a medicine ball or dumbbells! 

2. Hip Bridge on Bosu: place both feet on the bosu ball, with your back flat against a mat. Raise your hips off the ground, making sure to squeeze your glute. muscles at the end of the movement. The goal is always to keep your back straight throughout the movement to maintain a neutral spine. For an added challenge progress to single leg bridges. 

3. Bosu Ball Plank: place hands or forearms on the bosu and hold yourself in a plank position for 30sec-1min intervals. Remember to maintain a neutral spine and look down towards the bosu to keep your neck aligned with your spine. 

4. Bosu Squat Jump: Starting in an athletic stance with your knees slightly bent, jump and land with two feet in a squat position on the bosu ball. Balance and hold the squat for 2-3 seconds then repeat for 10-15 reps. 

5. Medicine Ball Squats on Bosu: holding a medicine ball or dumbbell, do 10-12 reps of body weight squats on the bosu. Pause and hold each squat on the bosu, at the bottom of the squat. Remember to engage your glute muscles as you return to the standing position.

These exercises are only recommended, please consult your healthcare provider before attempting on your own. Every individual is unique, that’s why the prescribed exercising programs at Westcoast SCI are customized for each patient. If you find this article helpful, visit us for a BOSU program designed for you.