4 Exercises for Back and Core Muscles Strengthening

by Oct 5, 2020Anj's Road to Recovery

How do you strengthen your back and core?

As promised, this week I will share some of the exercises Stefanie provided me with to strengthen my back and core muscles! Please note: these exercises were prescribed in specificity to the level of severity of my injury. Please refer to these exercises as a general guide, however, for any back pain you may be experiencing, be sure to check in with a physio first!

There are 4 exercises that you can focus on!

active pelvic tilt

Active Pelvic Tilt

Reps: 10, Frequency: Every 1-2 hours


  • Stand up straight with your thighs hip length apart and your back in a neutral position
    (slightly arched)
  • Maintain steady abdominal breathing white you tilt your hip posteriorly by rounding your lower back & anteriorly by arching your lower back
  • Alternate between these motions, working through all the available range of motion
  • Stay within a pain tolerant range!

pelvic tilt

Pelvic Tilt

Reps: 10, Frequency: Every 1-2 hours


  • Support yourself on all fours, your back straight and head in line with your body
  • Arch your back upward, let your spine arch downward, and then return to starting
  • Again, stay within pain tolerant ranges!

TA Activation - Hip Flexion

TA Activation, Hip Flexion

Sets: 2, Reps: 10, Frequency: Daily


  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and your back in neutral position (slightly arched)
  • Engage your core by recruiting your pelvic floor & transverse abdominis (pulling belly
    button towards bed)
  • Maintain a steady abdominal breathing while you lift one leg up to 90 degrees at the hip keeping, the knee bent

lower back release

Lower Back Release

Frequency: As needed, Duration: 1-2 min.


  • Lie on your back with your feet elevated on a box or a chair then place a lacrosse ball
    under your lower back area/high glutes region
  • Keep your midline engaged so you can maintain a neutral spine position
  • Slowly shift your hips side to side to massage the area
  • Do not roll the ball directly on the spine

I hope that you take the time to try these exercises and practice engaging your core.



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