3 Push Up Variations to Activate your Upper Body Muscles

by Oct 21, 2020Exercises

Different kinds of push ups

We are going to be moving away from a standard push up to activate more muscles in your body in this post. A simple variation can alter the way muscles work together while strengthening and stabilizing them in the process. These are perfect workouts to do anywhere, include them in your upper body workout at the gym, or even at home!

For a more detailed explanation of each push up variation, check out our YouTube video here or below!

pike press

Pike Press

  • Start in the push up position
  • Bend your hips while simultaneously “pushing away the floor” with your hands
  • Bend your elbows/perform a push up while maintaining your hips in the air
bicep-biased press

Bicep-Biased Press

  • Start in the push up position
  • Rotate your hands around so that your fingers are pointing towards your feet (as best as possible)
  • Perform your push up
wide grip walk about push ups

Wide Grip “Walk About” Push Ups

  • Start in your typical push up position
  • Move your right hand out to the side (about 2 body widths)
  • While “leaning” on the outstretched hand:
    • Bend the outside elbow (right side in this case)
    • Try to maintain a relatively straight elbow on the opposite side (left in this case)
    • The key is to emphasize a “one sided” press

Check out the video below for a more detailed explanation of each push up variation as well as some useful tips!