3 Bodyweight Hamstring Exercises (Minimal Equipment Required)

by Sep 29, 2020Exercises

Do I need to train my hamstrings?

Training your hamstrings is important because they are used very frequently in daily life, from bending your knees to walking and running. If your hamstrings are weak, it can cause back, knee or even foot pain.

Here are 3 bodyweight hamstring exercises that you can do at home, minimal equipment required! For a more detailed explanation of each exercise, check out our YouTube video here or below!

Reverse Hamstring Curl

Reverse Hamstring Curls

  • Find something solid to anchor your feet. Most people can use the space under their bed
  • Kneel on a cushion (if needed for comfort)
  • Slowly lower your body to the ground (keep your hands in front of you for safety)
  • Try to keep your body as straight as you can by bracing your core
  • Catch yourself with your hands and “push yourself back up”
    Slider Curls

    Slider Curls

    • On a hardwood floor, place a small towel under each foot. Alternatively, you can use carpeted floors and place your feet on plastic plates (If you have kids, you’ll have them!)
    • Start in the “bridge position”: on your back with your buttocks off the ground
    • Brace your core
    • Slowly straighten out your knees, keeping your buttocks off the floor
    • Now spread your legs apart as wide as possible.
    • Bring your feet back together
    • Bend your knees to resume the “bridge position”
    Hamstring Walk-outs

    Hamstring Walk-outs

    • Start in the bridge position
    • Brace your core
    • Slowly walk one foot out at a time
    • Try to take about 4 steps to get to nearly a straight knee.
    • Make sure you’re keeping your buttocks off the ground
    • Slowly walk your way back up to the starting position

    Check out the video below for a more detailed explanation of each exercise as well as some useful tips!