3 Bodyweight Exercises (You’ve Never Seen Before!)

by Oct 8, 2020Exercises

How can I build my body without weights?

These exercises combine variations of movements to maximize their effectiveness for your body. Each exercise can be done with no weight, making it perfect for at home! This workout can increase your strength and stability in different areas of your body.

Here are 3 bodyweight exercises that you’ve never seen before! For a more detailed explanation of each exercise, check out our YouTube video here or below!

Single Leg Deadlift with Hip Rotations

Single Leg Deadlifts with Hip Rotations

  • While standing beside a chair for balance, start your single leg deadlift.
  • While in the “down position”, rotate your hips towards your standing leg (as you get better, you can try to touch your shin)
  • Now, rotate your hips away from the standing leg (when you get better, your opposite hand would now touch your shin)
  • Return to “neutral” position
  • Return to upright position
Dynamic Lunge with Calf Raise

Dynamic Lunge with Calf Raise

  • Start in a standing position
  • Step one leg forward into a “split squat position”
  • Bend the back knee towards the ground, making sure not to allow the knee to touch the ground
  • While holding the lunge position, come up on your tiptoes of the front leg (do a calf raise)
  • Return to starting position by driving off your heel of the front foot
Plank with Shoulder Rotation

Plank with Shoulder Rotation

  • Assume a push up position
  • Shift your body onto your feet, allowing the knees to bend slightly
  • While keeping your elbows slightly bent the entire time, circle around with your shoulders trying to make large circles.
  • As you come towards the top of the circle, you’ll notice you’ll be on your tip toes
  • Continue through the circle until you return to the starting position
  • Make sure you try both directions
Check out the video below for a more detailed explanation of each exercise as well as some useful tips!