About Us

Gabriel Wong founded Westcoast SCI in 2020.

With the help of his team of talented Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists, he has helped 10,000+ clients in and around the Greater Vancouver area.

He earned his BSc Kinesiology at the University of Victoria and his MScPT at the University of Alberta

Westcoast SCI has locations in Vancouver and Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

Top Choice Physiotherapy Clinic of 2020 in Vancouver
Top Choice Physiotherapy Clinic of 2019 in Vancouver

Topics we can cover

  • I’ve had kids – will I leak forever?
  • 3 Activities to be good to your body during a workday
  • It’s been over a year – is your desk/chair at home actually set up properly? 3 things to monitor and adjust
  • 5 ways to love your body while at work
  • How to improve your posture while sitting at work
  • The best sleeping positions to get a good night’s sleep
  • 5 ways to relieve back pain naturally
  • and many more!


initial assessment for covid 19 recovery program
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
physiotherapy doing assessment
kinesiologist guiding exercise for covid 19 recovery program